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Music, Energy, and Rhythm: The Best Benefits of Drum Classes for Kids

If your child wants to drum themselves into their own beat, you may be worried about the walls shaking and the windows shattering. But the truth is, your child will find their rhythm after just a few professional lessons.

Drum Classes For Kids

Even more, there are numerous benefits to drum classes for kids that you may not have thought of. From improved mental health to a huge boost in confidence, playing drums is much more than a bunch of noise rattling your head and home.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the amazing benefits of drum classes for kids and where to sign up.

Increases Confidence Levels

Playing drums is the perfect way to boost confidence levels, allowing your child to rock the drums in their very own band. Even solo jam sessions can serve as amazing confidence boosters.

First, learning and mastering new skills will encourage your child. They’ll discover an entirely new language while playing music, and as they learn more in their drum classes, they’ll feel more confident playing in front of others.

If your child starts taking group lessons, they’ll be a part of a band and will perform with other kids their age. This will help them begin forming lifelong connections and friendships that grow with them.

Learn to Play Drums

It’s important to learn more about private versus public music lessons, especially if your child is not as comfortable in settings with many people. You can always start with private lessons, and their confidence will grow from there.

It’s best to call the school you’re considering and ask questions about the drum classes. Music schools like Staump Music offer the first private lesson for free, giving you the chance to ensure it’s a fit.

Helps With Communication and Listening Skills

When your child takes drum classes, they naturally have to communicate more. This communication begins during their first lesson when they talk to the instructor. They’ll also have to be able to listen to feedback and ask questions along the way.

Group lessons involve even more communication since your child will be in a group of kids that are similar in age. They’ll need to work in a team environment as well as express themselves nonverbally while playing drums.

Music therapy is standard in children with autism, and studies show that it helps children control impulses, socialize better, and improve focus and communication.

It only makes sense that drum classes can help any child enhance their communication skills overall. Drum lessons can teach children how to interact with peers and adults, allowing them to build on these skills as they grow up.

If your child is on the shy side and not comfortable with communication, playing drums can help them break out of their shell.

Boosts Creative Thinking

Music opens creative doors that you never thought existed. Playing any instrument provides a doorway toward increased creativity, and drums are no exception. If your child has a creative spark, playing drums will help them shine brightly.

Drum Lessons For Kids

Music is art, speaking a beautiful language of its own. You don’t need words to express what you’re feeling when you’re playing music. Simply listening to happy music enhances creativity and divergent thinking.

Giving your child the opportunity to explore their creativity will change their life. Don’t forget that creativity is key to forming creative cognitive abilities, which allows people to come up with different ideas and solutions.

Not only that, but it’s been a source of inspiration for thousands of years, leading to cultural, scientific, and technological innovations.

Also, your child will able to feel emotions through specific songs, allowing them to learn unique ways to creatively express themselves.

Encourages Hard Work and Commitment

Music lessons and sports have a hidden connection that many people don’t realize and can offer your child many of the same benefits.

Both music and sports allow your child to learn more about teamwork and collaboration. For sports, everyone has to practice regularly and work together before each sporting event.

This is also the case when participating in a musical performance as a band. Your child will need to practice with other band members regularly to get ready for the show.

Your child will also learn more about what it’s like to practice and compete in an official event with other people.

All of this takes a significant amount of time, requiring them to commit to attending classes and practice on their own. Your child will learn that focus and perseverance will lead them toward their goals. They’ll see how practice pays off, and feel more engaged and confident during the process.

In addition, discipline plays a huge role in music lessons and sports since they both require consistent effort. You have to establish a routine and stick to a schedule.

You must also be willing to learn from mistakes and recognize areas that need improvement.

So if your child wants to get in the game by playing drums, you can rest assured they’ll learn many of the same skills as they would playing sports.

It’s Good Physical Exercise 

It’s all too easy to forget how much movement drumming actually involves. In fact, drum classes can be the perfect form of exercise for children, even for ones who haven’t found a sport they enjoy.

Playing drums makes for a great workout since it gets the heart pumping. Once your child begins playing more on different drum sets, they can jam for longer periods.

Overall, drumming gets your child moving everything, from arms and legs to core muscles. Enrolling your child in drumming lessons early on can foster a love of movement and physical activity. This is essential since less than 24% of children between 6 and 17 get the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity daily.

With drums, your child can take classes and then practice drumming at home, leading to more movement during their days overall.

Although it can be tough for kids to get active, the key is finding movement that your child loves. They’re much more likely to stick with it long-term, even forming a lifelong appreciation.

Improves Brain Function

Playing drums isn’t simply a fun experience for your child, it can also make their brain more efficient

Drumming requires you to have solid coordination skills since you have to be able to tap your hands and feet to the beat while playing. This involves moving all four limbs to different rhythms, and it takes practice.

Most people can easily perform tasks with two hands, but not many can perform complex tasks with both hands and feet. This is where the brain adapts and changes over time if you continue to play the drums.

Teaching Kids to Play Drums

Playing drums helps you improve this communication by modifying how the two sides of the brain communicate, which leads to more efficient thinking. As a result, many drummers have to put less effort into completing tasks overall and have improvements in cognitive development.

The best part of this is that these changes are permanent, leaving your child to grow into adulthood thinking more efficiently. What better gift can you give them?

Can Improve Mental Health

When children take drum classes, they also benefit from a mental health boost. You know how it feels when you listen to your favorite playlist. You can experience anything from waves of emotions and goosebumps to memories that pop up from your younger years.

You can use certain songs to help you relax, improve energy, or process stressful events. The same thing applies to children.

You can simply observe your child as they listen to songs to see how they’re coping. Their emotional reaction to a song will tell you everything you need to know. It can also help you start conversations with your child and help them process feelings.

Music improves mental health in children by:

  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Lowering heart rate
  • Decreasing anxiety
  • Improving mood
  • Improving sleep patterns

Music also helps children build emotional intelligence, which helps them identify basic emotions in others. From there, they’ll be able to feel more connected to their own emotions and understand them.

Playing music can also give your kids a sense of identity. Think about how many people connect with music from different eras, like the 50s and 60s. Well, your child could be connecting with the music of today the same way when they learn to play drums. 

So, give your kid a drum set and watch them take their music skills and mental health to the next level as they learn take drum classes.

Embrace These Benefits of Drum Classes for Kids

Embracing the benefits of drum classes for kids will send your child in a positive direction for years to come.

It’s time to turn to Staump Music School for your child’s musical needs. At Staump, we have a simple philosophy based on the fact that music is a way to express thoughts and emotions and make meaningful connections. 

Since 2008, our music educators have made it their mission to provide access to high-quality yet affordable music education that meets every student’s needs.

We offer private and group drum lessons that include music theory, technique, performance, and more.

Contact us today to learn more about our drum classes and sign up for your first class.