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Group Music Lessons at Staump Music School

Practicing technical skills all by yourself is hard enough for adults… not to mention kids.

That’s why we use group music lessons to get kids started. It’s like a team sport but for music.

This way, kids get to explore music in a fun way and discover how exciting it can be to create music with others.

As they learn the language of music, they learn how to communicate, how to be creative, and how to be disciplined. All while gaining new friends and mentors.

Even if your child has never played a single note, we will have them engaged and having fun from day one!

Discover some of the benefits of your child participating in music!

Jump right in with a free 30-day lesson pass to our group music lessons.

Group Music Lessons in Santee, CA
What to Expect From Group Music Lessons?

What to Expect from our Group Music Lessons?

Group Music Lessons are $150 per month

(+ $35 enrollment fee)

Decorative Accents

Group Music Lessons to Choose From:


Rock out to popular tunes and learn to play guitar in a way that’s both fun and challenging.

What you will learn:

*Students are welcome to bring their own instruments. But if they don’t have one, then electric guitars and amps will be provided during class


These aren’t your Grandma’s piano lessons. 
We teach you to play the piano WHILE having fun!

What you will learn:


Learn to play the happiest little instrument around. Playing the ukulele is easy and fun, but group classes will make learning to play even better!

What you will learn:

*Ukuleles will NOT be provided during class. Students must bring their own. Rentals are available.


In short this class is about their moment and picking a song that they want to perform and record.

In our group vocal classes, students will learn basic vocal techniques and apply them to songs of their choosing with guidance from their teacher.

Each class begins with vocal warm-ups, then each student will sing the song they are currently practicing.

After each student sings, the class reviews their knowledge of vocal techniques by saying one specific vocal technique they thought the student did well and one they think the performer could improve upon with practice.

Then the teacher will follow up with feedback for the singer and comments from other students.

This type of peer feedback is what makes this class so great!

It allows the group to support each other’s accomplishments and recognize mistakes in a caring and friendly environment to build confidence.

Performance and recording opportunities are available to group vocal class students.

What you will learn:

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