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Top Benefits of Joining Our Rock Band Classes for Kids

Research shows that students who listen to music tend to have higher GPAs. Playing music is a great way to take this passion to the next level. As a parent, enrolling your child in band classes won’t just raise their grades – it will teach them skills that they can use throughout their entire lives.

Rock Band Classes in Santee, CA

Here, we’re going to discuss some of these skills in depth. Read on to learn some of the biggest benefits of enrolling your child in Santee, CA rock band classes.

The Basics of Rock Band Classes

Rock band classes are a type of group music class. Kids are grouped together by age and play their instruments as a band. They’ll learn to make more complex music with multiple instruments than they could on their own, which is exciting and rewarding.

Joining a rock band class lets students learn teamwork. They’ll need to jam to the same rhythm and figure out how notes fit together. A young guitarist will learn to harmonize with a sax player or a trumpet enthusiast, which teaches all three kids about all of the involved instruments.

Playing in a band class with Staump also keeps kids engaged because they get to choose what to learn. Our teachers give them a list of songs to pick from, and the group gets to decide what they want to play together. This is motivational since kids will feel like they have a say in their lessons… and will get engaged with jams that they already love.

Whether your kid enrolls in KidzRock for ages 4-7, Jr. Rock for ages 7-11, or Rock Class for ages 12 and up, they’ll get the skills they need to succeed in both group and individual settings while playing their chosen instrument.

Better-Rounded Skills

Let’s say that you have a child who’s learning to play bass guitar. This is awesome, especially because learning TAB sheet music makes it easy to start jamming ASAP. They’ll build cognitive skills, improve their memory, and have an awesome time playing their favorite songs.

There’s not much left to be desired here!

But if you put your young bassist in a rock band class, they’d get a better-rounded understanding of music holistically. Their knowledge wouldn’t be limited just to the guitar.

Rock Band Program in San Diego

This is because kids in group settings need to learn how to read music that fits multiple parts together. They’ll need to know what other instruments sound like and how to harmonize with them. They’ll also need a thorough understanding of musical beats and rhythms so the entire group can sync up.

This lets them learn new skills and become a holistically better musician. They’ll have a stronger sense of concepts like melody, harmony, chords, and rhythm. These skills are easy to apply to their solo guitar practice so that they can become a better player over time.

Multiple Musical Styles

Kids learning one instrument will likely be drawn to one specific style of music. This is natural because the sounds produced on varying instruments naturally lend better to some genres than others.

Additionally, because it’s fun for learners to choose their favorite songs to play, they’ll likely be consistently practicing in similar genres that they like. That’s a ton of fun, but songs within genres naturally use similar techniques to each other. There will be some variety, but there could be more of it.

Playing instruments in a group means experimenting with several different musical styles. A trumpet player won’t feel limited to music written for brass players; they’ll also gain some understanding of guitar-based pieces in genres like rock and country. A guitar player might learn jazz when put into a band with a saxophone or piano player.

Plus, kids will need to choose their songs together. This means that lots of different musical tastes will be accommodated. Everyone will play more diverse music and open their minds to new possibilities and learning experiences!


Playing in a rock band class lets kids see like-minded individuals on a weekly basis. The other children in their class will also be passionate about music.

It’s a great way to make friends who share their interests outside of school. They’ll have a wider social circle and more people to hang out with. This lets them share ideas with more people than they otherwise would and open their minds to new ideas and activities.

Band Classes Are Great For Team Building

Beyond that, though, band members learn how to work with others in a collaborative setting. Students will need to share skills and acknowledge both their strengths and weaknesses. They’ll need to pull their weight in practice and work on the areas that most need improvement.

Luckily, this is much easier because the students can help each other! Rock band classes with multiple students let everyone share their thoughts. They’ll have the confidence to speak up and problem-solve together.

Students can also learn other things about teamwork from playing in a band. Taking mistakes in stride, aligning goals, and coming up with complete plans for future success are all great learning experiences. Kids will become more confident in their ability to plan and work together in groups.

Confidence and Achievement

While some solo players choose to play in recitals, it’s not as common as those who play onstage in rock bands. Those in Staump’s rock band classes will have opportunities to play together onstage and put on their very own concerts.

This can give your kids an awesome adrenaline rush and boost their serotonin. It’s exhilarating. It also teaches kids not to be shy when showing off their skills and nips stage fright in the bud.

Performing teaches children lots of things. It helps them learn to stay composed while under pressure and adapt to a group’s energy.

There’s also nothing quite like a round of applause to boost your ego, so allow your child that moment in the spotlight!

Accountability and Motivation

To get the critical benefits of feeling accomplished, students in a rock band class need to have accountability. This means that they need to be committed not only to their own success but also to that of the group. In other words, they’ll need to pull their weight!

When they feel like part of a group that they care about, they’ll know their bandmates are relying on their success. This can motivate them to practice at home every day. It can also drive them to try new skills and hone those that they need if they want the group to sound better.

Learning accountability isn’t only important for band settings. It also applies to all aspects of life, and learning to be responsible while young lets children take pride in their work in other areas. It teaches them to value what they do and hold themselves responsible for their own actions and successes.

This can increase their self-image and make them more assured in everything they do!

Cognitive Boosts

Studies show that playing music is good for the brain. Neuroscientific research reveals that young musicians have better verbal memory, reading ability, and executive functions than their non-musical peers. Some research suggests that learning to play instruments in childhood can boost future academic performance as well.

Enrolling your child in rock band classes can give them a cognitive boost. It can benefit their development and make them smarter. Plus, music can also help memory, so you’re assisting them on multiple fronts.

Combine that with the social benefits of working with a group, and you’re investing a lot in their future!

More Future Opportunities

When a child grows up in a rock band class, they get smarter and become a better critical thinker. They learn skills of accountability, confidence, and hard work. They become better team players.

This naturally will help them grow up to be a kind and productive member of their communities who’s always ready to help out and value those around them.

Learning to Play Music Provides Opportunities

Students with positive outlooks on life and learning will naturally do better in school. They’ll get more opportunities in college and eventually even in the workforce.

But playing instruments has a more direct impact on a child’s future as well. It’s a great extracurricular activity to put on college resumes that can help them stand out. Some kids who are especially passionate about music may even audition for performing arts schools or professional orchestras.

Others who are highly motivated may start bands of their own! Who knows? Maybe group lessons in Santee, CA will eventually lead your kid onstage as part of the 2040s equivalent of the Beatles!

Enroll Your Child in a Great Band Class

Now that you know the benefits of having your child play in a band class, it’s time to begin helping them shoot for the stars. Staump Music School is committed to helping young musicians thrive in both individual and group settings.

Regardless of your child’s age or chosen instrument, our instructors are excited to help them hone skills and boost their passion for music. Enroll your child in our Santee music program today to get your first month of rock band classes free!